What makes a vehicle a Goodwin+ vehicle?

Qualifying Vehicles

Pre-owned vehicle models available from Goodwin Mazda in Brunswick, Goodwin Chevrolet in Brunswick and Goodwin Chevrolet Buick in Oxford, not listed under exclusions, may qualify for the Goodwin+ Pre-Owned Limited Lifetime Warranty. To qualify the available pre-owned vehicle must not exceed 7 years in age from its original service date, and its current mileage must not be greater than 75,000 miles at time of delivery. 

Goodwin+ Lifetime Warranty Coverage

The Goodwin+ Lifetime Warranty will cover the repair for parts and servicing of the engine and transmission as defined in the service agreement. All repairs must be authorized and performed at a location owned by Goodwin Motor Group. The Goodwin+ Lifetime Warranty is in addition to any remaining manufacturer warranties or certification that may be available on your pre-owned vehicle and does not void or replace them.

No Cost

There is no cost for the Goodwin+ Lifetime Warranty, and there is no charge to the owner. The agreement holds no monetary value and the trade or sale of the vehicle will not return the owner any refund.  

Owner Responsibility

To keep the agreement intact, the owner must perform recommended oil and filter changes every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first, and transmission services every 50,000 miles or 36 months, whichever comes first. Failure to maintain this schedule can void the warranty.

Effective Term

The agreement will be effective for the lifetime of ownership to the original purchaser. There is no limitation for mileage after taking delivery. As long as the Owner Responsibilities are maintained, mileage has no impact on the standing of the warranty and its services. This agreement is not transferrable to any future owners, and is immediately voided upon sale or trade.


Vehicles which are categorized as "exotic" will not be covered. Goodwin's reserves the right to reasonably determine which pre-owned vehicles are named in this category. Examples, but not limited to, would include Porsche, Tesla, and Mercedes Benz. 


The owner will be responsible to pay for the first $200 in each component group per authorized occurrence. 

* Coverage is supplied with a service agreement with Goodwin Motor Group. All customers will receive a copy of this agreement upon delivery. The service agreement shall define all final terms and conditions. Service agreement is available at any other time upon request. 

Enjoy Extra Protection for Your Used Car with the Goodwin+ Warranty

When you buy a used car from Goodwin Mazda, you enjoy lots of security for your investment thanks to the Goodwin+ Pre-Owned Limited Lifetime Warranty. All of our vehicles that are newer than seven years old, with fewer than 75,000 odometer miles, are eligible for this warranty coverage, which is offered exclusively at Goodwin dealerships. We encourage you to check out our used inventory to see which of our many pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs come backed by Goodwin+ Lifetime Warranty coverage. You will find Goodwin Mazda here in Brunswick and less than 10 minutes outside of Freeport.

A Great Time to Buy a used Car

The used car market is more popular than ever now, so Wiscasset, ME shoppers will find hundreds of great choices here at Goodwin Mazda. Most of these used cars are like new and most also have 60,000 odometer miles or fewer, so they qualify for our Goodwin+ Lifetime Limited Warranty coverage. While each of our used cars undergo a detailed inspection and repair process, the Goodwin+ coverage helps add a little extra safety and security to your purchase by protecting you against defective, worn-down, recalled, or otherwise broken parts that we may have missed. This warranty covers the cost of repair and replacement parts for engine and transmission components, ensuring you only pay for the extra services you need.

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Take Advantage of Our Lifetime Warranty Today

We invite you to shop for a used car today at Goodwin Mazda. Buy a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV from us and enjoy all the benefits of Goodwin+ coverage for as long as you own your vehicle. You will find our dealership here in Brunswick and less than a half-hour outside of Portland, ME. See you soon!