Cleaning And Washing Your Mazda

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Mazda

Congratulations on your purchase of a new or used Mazda! Cleaning your Mazda correctly, in addition to regular servicing, is a sure-fire method to keep the value of your new automobile. Mazda's are designed with high-quality paints and interiors, but using the wrong materials or cleaning incorrectly might harm your paint or interior. This Mazda cleaning guide helps guarantee you're using the correct cleaning products and procedures to keep your vehicle looking new.
Choosing The Correct Products

Before you begin cleaning your car, be sure the materials you're using are appropriate for it. Read all labels and directions before using any goods. NEVER use dishwashing liquid, on the other hand, as this is an abrasive soap that will suck essential oils right out of your paintwork. This might cause oxidation of your paint over time, thus we always advocate using Genuine Mazda Products. When it comes to polishing materials, Mazda manufactures its own authentic polish designed just for Mazda automobiles, which is an excellent alternative.
We understand that undertaking such a thorough cleaning and detailing process could seem daunting. If you prefer to leave it to the professionals, we are here to support you. Click below to schedule an appointment with us today! 

Washing The Exterior

To remove sap, dirt, and grit from your automobile, use a high-pressure hose or a large soft sponge. A bug and tar remover may be required for anything caked on from those long car journeys. If you're at a vehicle wash, avoid using the foamy brush since it might potentially leave swirl marks on your paint job. It's not really essential unless your Mazda SUV or passenger car has a lot of caked-on muck. After you've eliminated all of the grime, rinse your automobile with clean water and dry it with a chamois. It is critical to only use a vehicle sponge and a suitable car chamois. Using paper towels and other textiles on your vehicle's surface might damage it. It's time to start polishing after it's clean and dry.

Waxing Your Mazda

Waxing your automobile on a regular basis is essential for keeping the paint finish on your vehicle. Consider wax to be automobile sunscreen. Waxing should be done once a year. To wax your Mazda, start with a decent grade wax and a wax applicator pad. Using tiny amounts rather than big amounts minimizes the surplus that must be eliminated later. Apply the wax to each panel of the automobile in a circular motion. Use an extremely soft microfiber cloth to remove the wax. Wipe in a circular motion and avoid using too much effort.

Cleaning Your Mazda's Interior

Upholstery and carpets must be vacuumed on a regular basis to keep them clean and free of mud and grime. Depending on how often your carpets and upholstery are used, they may require a good shampoo every now and then. To perform this effectively, you'll need decent upholstery and carpet cleaner. The dashboard, center console, and door covers, as well as the rest of your car's interior, will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. For this task, use a microfiber cloth and a high-quality car interior cleanser. Because your car's air conditioning vents can become clogged with dust as it ages, you'll need to utilize a vent brush and vacuum for this operation. Leather Treatment
If you've spent money on leather seats and trim for your new Mazda, you'll want to preserve them in good shape. Leather is a natural substance, and utilizing the incorrect materials might cause harm to your leather seats. If your leather seats are filthy, use a soft cloth and a specialized leather cleaner to clean them. When you're finished, make sure to set them aside to dry. Avoid using harsh cleaning products that contain alcohol, bleach, or other abrasive detergents.
Windows & Glass

When washing the windows of your Mazda, avoid using household products such as Windex. These items include ammonia, which might harm the tint if you have one installed. Use a good car window cleaner and wipe twice to ensure that all of the cleaner is gone.

Cleaning Your Tires and Wheels

Keeping your alloy wheels glossy and your tires black is a wonderful method to keep your automobile looking new. To prevent corrosion on alloy wheels, it's a good idea to use a specialist alloy product. You may use a tire black or tire shine product to keep your tires looking new.

Following Goodwin Mazda's vehicle cleaning recommendations will help you keep your new Mazda in immaculate shape so you can fully enjoy that Zoom-Zoom sensation. Plus, if you take good care of your Mazda, you'll be able to get a good trade-in price when it's time to move to a new Mazda. Always consult your owner's handbook for further information on how to properly care for your new Mazda. If you have any questions about maintaining your new vehicle, the Goodwin Mazda Service staff is always happy to assist you.